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Funny Facts about Virginia

September 23, 2017
There are some funny facts

Luna mothKhara McKeen is an electronic digital marketing and advertising coordinator when it comes to Nature Conservancy in nj-new jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Moths usually simply take a back-seat for their flashier cousin, the butterfly. Case in point: I have three pals having a butterfly tattoo somewhere to their body but have yet to satisfy anyone who chosen a moth tattoo. Beautiful butterfly mobiles abound on however when I tried shopping on the web for a “moth mobile” we received an error message from Bing.

However, this July moths will eventually have their day in the sun (kind of). National Moth Week is an international celebration of moths and biodiversity this is certainly taking place July 20-28. Simply take that, butterflies — you guys have only on a daily basis!

Wood nymphBut the reason why moths? Moths tend to be among the most diverse and successful organisms on earth. Indeed, boffins estimate there are many than 150, 000 moth types global! Move over butterflies, moths arrive bright colors and dazzling habits. Species usually takes a myriad of forms and will be no more than a pinhead to since large as an adult’s hand.

Honoring nationwide Moth Week, here are five awesome (and sometimes little-known) information about these winged wonders.

1. Some moths don’t have mouths. Like, the gorgeous Luna moth doesn't have a lips — therefore cannot consume — and certainly will stay just for about one week, with the single reason for mating!

Attracting moths... with alcohol!2. Moths are superb impersonators. Many moths have actually evolved to imitate other pets as a way to deter potential predators. The Polyphemus moth features bold eyespots to startle and confuse those trying to find a moth treat. The hornet moth appears like a hornet, it is completely safe. The most popular: the wonderful wood nymph, a moth with evolved to appear similar to bird poop.

3. Moths love a good microbrew. Enthusiastic about trying your hand at mothing? Absolutely nothing draws this business like alcohol. A tip from our boffins: Mix a paste of alcohol, brown sugar, and banana. Paint it on some trees, kick back and relax, after that check in the night together with your flashlight to look at great number of moths you’re certain to entice.

Moth metamorphosis4. Moths can change bears into tigers. We’re all knowledgeable about wooly bear caterpillars — but are you aware this bear can turn into a tiger? Yep, the wooly bear emerges from his cocoon inside springtime as an attractive Isabella tiger moth. Fun reality: Once a cocoon is spun, the caterpillar turns into a mushy soup during metamorphosis before emerging as a moth.

5. The death’s-head hawk-moth has a significant claim to popularity. He got their start in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, then proceeded to leading functions in both The Silence of this Lambs and The Mothman Prophecies. This popular moth gets its title from scull-shaped structure from the thorax, and has now the uncommon capability to produce loud squeaks when irritated.

[Images: (1) Luna moth © David Moskowitz; (2) Wood nymph © John Himmelman; (3) Attracting moths © Eric Aldrich; (4) Moth metamorphosis: Wooly bear © Kristine Paulus. Isabella tiger moth © Jurvetson; (5) Deathhead moth © Merintia/Flickr]

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