Jamestown Founding Documents

The book referenced by The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in London
to commemorate England's 400th anniversary of the first Jamestown Charter

Our objective was to make available the most comprehensive, single volume ever published regarding the founding of Jamestown. If a library could have only one reference many have suggested it should be TOBACCO CORN & CAVIAR.

TOBACCO CORN & CAVIAR contains 68 complete text historical documents, charters, tracts and proclamations of The Virginia Company which relate its story and the challenge to settle Jamestown from 1606 ~ 1625.

Consider through the words of those who were actually there the wildlife, the environment, their relation with the Indians, their relationship with the Pilgrims, how and why they captured Pocahontas, their justification for planting America, their religion, rules and laws, the role Tobacco Corn and Caviar played in settling Jamestown ~ and much more
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