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November 26, 2015
At WV Culture Center
Museum within the Park Museum

Our Exhibits:

The Buffalo Creek Disaster

One of the museum’s permanent displays is The Buffalo Creek Disaster. The worst commercial disaster in the history of Logan County took place on Saturday, February 26, 1972 when a number of coal waste dams collapsed releasing 132 million gallons of poisonous waste water into Buffalo Creek. The exhibit includes a comprehensive video featuring archival news video footage, interviews and pictures. The movie provides insight into the 17 small towns along Buffalo Creek in addition to devastation that proceeded even after households and houses had been damaged and an easy method of life virtually vanished.

Ron Moxley Collection
Logan County native Ron Moxley (1953-2002) taught into the public schools and liked archaeology as an interest. He had been in charge of identifying at least two significant pre-European Native town web sites in geographic area. The museum features an exhibit of numerous items from Ron’s personal collection for Logan and guy Village sites.

We Are Marshall
“We are Marshall” Movie Memorabilia. On November 14, 1970, 75 individuals including the majority of the Marshall University soccer group, cheerleaders and mentors and numerous followers died in an airplane crash whenever aircraft clipped the tops of trees on approach to the landing area in Huntington, WV. In 2006, Warner Brothers Productions released “We tend to be Marshall” and informed society exactly how Marshall rebuilt its soccer staff on the next few months. This exhibit includes things, props and costumes which were designed for the film and offered to Marshall University Libraries Special Collections.

Communities Grieves
Fatal accidents and catastrophes – all-natural and manmade – cast a long shadow over enduring households, neighbors. The museum features memorial exhibits of art and sculpture that commemorate these tragedies and supply a place for representation.

Dehue….A Special Destination
Dehue, in east Logan County ended up being an essential neighborhood for most associated with twentieth century. Established by coal operators, Dehue typified numerous in the pipeline communities and included a grade school, theater, two churches, scout troops and a culturally diverse populace. The city flourished providing coal production ran large.

Railroads and Coal in Southern West Virginia
The two biggest industries in south western Virginia are railroading and coal mining. Within the last decades of the 19th century, the train systems in the area supplied transportation for timbering industry. When the railway bedrooms were set and also the deep hollows and steep mountainsides obtainable, coal operators moved in and began underground mining.

General Shop
In little rural cities, the general shop ended up being truly the only spot to shop for meals, clothes and household items. Constantly somewhere to meet neighbors and hear modern development and gossip, the post-office and barber shop were usually built-into your local basic store.

Western Virginia Quilts also Fabrics
Quilts began as objects of necessity offering warmth on cold nights and have been a creative outlet for the manufacturer. Later on, cottage industries such as for example quilting and weaving became mainstays for households to bring essential money or bartered items to the houses.

WV History Bowl 2014 - WV Culture Center, Charleston, WV
WV History Bowl 2014 - WV Culture Center, Charleston, WV
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