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April 17, 2019
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Homeschool EducationThe Virginia Museum of All-natural History is dedicated to providing appealing research and engineering programming to homeschool pupils. At this time, the museum offers the Homeschool Science and Engineering Academy, a few bi-monthly programs from September to May built to supplement students' discovering and knowledge of science, technology, manufacturing and mathematics (STEM) based subjects.

Furthermore, the museum will be able to work with homeschool groups separately to design and offer programming highly relevant to pupils' requirements. As with all school teams, the museum will offer guided, educational trips for homeschool teams. Just click here or e mail us at or 276-634-4185 to schedule a trip or learn more about just what the museum can provide your pupils.

Homeschool Science and Engineering Academy

VMNH provides engaging science and engineering programs for house college students. Programs take place the first and third Wednesday of each and every thirty days from 10 to 11:15 a.m. Programs are divided into three age brackets; 5-8, 9-10, and 11-15. The program fee is $7 per pupil. Discounts are around for prepayment of sessions at the beginning of each educational 12 months or even for households with two or more children enrolled.

2015 - 2016 Homeschool Science and Engineering Academy Schedule

September 2 - Nature of technology and Scientific Investigations

September 16 - Nature of research and Scientific Investigations

October 7 - Life Sciences: Plants

October 21 - Life Sciences: Creatures

October 23 - Reptile Day/Student Time

November 4 - Life Sciences: Ecosystems & habitats

November 18 - Life Sciences: Organisms and Interactions with Environment

December 2 - World Sciences: Meteorology

December 16 - World Sciences: Astronomy

January 6 - World Sciences: Planet Materials, Earth Procedures

January 20 - Earth Sciences: Water

January 22 - Dino Day/Student Day

February 3 - Physical Sciences: Structure & qualities of point

February 17 - bodily Sciences: Force and movement

March 2 - Physical Sciences: Power

March 16 - bodily Sciences: Renewable & Non-renewable Energy

April 6 - Engineering Design

April 20 - Engineering, tech, and Applications of technology

April 22 - Earth Day beginner Day at VMNH (Friday)

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Virginia Museum of Natural History
Virginia Museum of Natural History
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