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Henrico Virginia History

December 28, 2018
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The Henrico County Sheriff’s Workplace is the one
associated with the earliest sheriff’s offices in the usa.

old prison

The “Old Jail” at 22nd and Main in Richmond ended up being built in 1880. It remained used for a century until Jail West had been built in the Western Government hard in 1980.


The sheriff has its own beginnings in Anglo-Saxon England of 700-900 A.D. When The united kingdomt started exploration and settlement of the Virginia colony they brought the sheriff design of maintaining the comfort with them. The “shire-reeve” or sheriff as we know today, had been the principal armed forces and judicial officer of “shire” or county and may phone upon all able-bodied guys for assistance. He held this power through “posse comitatus” or power of county. A good example of this energy may be the old western sheriff deputizing a posse to trace down lawbreakers. It really is interesting to note that into the northeastern usa the constable system was made use of and the south states utilized the sheriff system. Whenever country began stretching west, both constable and sheriff were utilized as police. The citizens often made these workplaces optional to prevent the abuse of energy. From these humble beginnings the modern sheriff’s office’s and authorities departments were produced.


In 1611 Sir Thomas Dale sailed upriver from Jamestown and established the 2nd permanent English settlement within the New World, “Henricus” (the city of Henrico), that was called after Henry, Prince of Wales, the oldest child of King James I of England. He was in charge of the militia also had been initial police officer in Henrico, making him Henrico’s first Sheriff. In 1634 Henrico became among eight initial “shires” (counties) in Virginia. The Henrico County Sheriff’s Office came to be.

In 1821 land ended up being contributed to the county at website that could be 22nd & Main roads the building of a courthouse and jail. Throughout the 1880’s this building had been constructed and housed the Sheriff’s Office and Jail until 1980. Over crowding together with requirement for heightened technology caused the construction of Jail western at the Henrico County national elaborate on Parham Road in 1980.

In 1996, Henrico’s Sheriff’s Office unsealed Jail East in brand new Kent County. This progressive, brand-new generation jail is exclusive because the first campus style, direct direction correctional center when you look at the Commonwealth and just one of their type in the country. The Henrico County Sheriff’s Office has a lengthy custom of innovation and dedication to progress which goes on these days.


The sheriff ended up being the original mind of police force in Henrico County until 1938 whenever Board of Supervisors put control over the Division of Police in County management. The Sheriff’s Office now shares concurrent jurisdiction utilizing the Police Department but generally defers things of police force to them. The Sheriff of Henrico County is a constitutional officer and is elected by the people to serve 4-year terms. There aren't any term limits. The present role of the Sheriff in Henrico County could be the safety and security regarding the jails and courthouses, plus the solution of municipal procedure. The Sheriff of Henrico County presides over one of many biggest, most densely inhabited counties in Virginia and safely manages a jail populace of over 1200 inmates and serves over 100, 000 court reports a-year.

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