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December 27, 2016
Virginia Tech Language and

DSC_0010- Even when the weather is cold and dreary, the Education Department at the Virginia Zoo is still teaching programs and sharing our animal ambassadors to audiences! During winter months, we can bring a little bit of the zoo to local … More »

- During the last week of February 2016, a technical team from Virginia Zoo will be implementing a series of training workshops in the Philippines. The team will help build the capacity of animal care professionals in the region who care for some of … More »

- The Virginia Zoo has received the Quarter Century Award, given by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) for maintaining accreditation continuously for 25 years or more with a commitment to animal care, welfare, conservation, education. The Zoo was first … More »

Phillipines_Visayan crested warty pig

- The critically endangered Malayan tiger cubs are one month old! Their eyes have opened and they are starting to crawl around. Like human babies, checkups and vaccinations are required for our tiger babies. Dr. Amanda Guthrie did a complete physical … More »

- Q| Name and Grade A| My name is Miah Domel and I am currently a junior at Princess Anne High School. Q| Favorite animal A| My favorite animal at the Zoo is a tie between the Red pandas and … More »

- The male cubs were born after a 103 day gestation. After several hours of close observation, animal care and veterinary staff were not comfortable with the level of care that first-time mom Api was giving her cubs. It was decided … More »

- Welcome our newest baby, a yellow-backed duiker. The 11.4 pound female was born to mother, Dot and father, Dash. Dot came to the Virginia Zoo in early 2013 from the Houston Zoo and is 5 years old (she just celebrated … More

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Virginia Coalition - Sing Along
Virginia Coalition - Sing Along
Virginia Jetzt! - Das ganz normale Leben
Virginia Jetzt! - Das ganz normale Leben
Virginia Ernst - ROCKIN´ ( Official Music Video)
Virginia Ernst - ROCKIN´ ( Official Music Video)
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