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Facts about Richmond Virginia

December 17, 2017
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The Rise and Fall of Richmond

Before the War: Richmond had been a flourishing center of commerce inside years preceding the United states Civil War. Richmond's merchants supplied Northern areas with tobacco; its flour-milling corporations dominated trade with South America; and Tredegar Iron Functions produced railroad iron and ordnance for authorities. Richmond was also an integral part of the slave trade in the us. 1000s of enslaved Africans passed through Richmond on their option to various auction houses inside the city.

Secession: Torn on the decision of if to secede from Union, Virginia had been geographically, financially, socially and culturally "between" the North and South. The discussion to keep within the Union had raged for months. On April 4, 1861 Virginia had in reality, voted in which to stay the Union.Richmond through the War Only after war had broken on between the North and South performed Virginians make the decision to secede.

The New Confederate Capital: in-may of 1861, the Confederacy relocated its capital from Montgomery, AL to Richmond. The Richmond Dispatch reported President Jefferson Davis found its way to Richmond "to resounding, deafening cheers, oft-repeated, for Davis in addition to Southern Confederacy, from several thousand willing mouths, truthful minds, and cozy hands."

The War many years: Richmond played many roles throughout the war. Capital, hospital and jail center and producer of war materials for Southern - and a strategic army objective for the North. One-fourth associated with war's battles and 60percent of their casualties took place within a 75-mile distance for the town. Civilians suffered also. Food along with other items had been frequently an issue in addition to the consistent danger of Union invasion.

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