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May 11, 2018
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Secretary Robert A. McDonald

Institute of Medication Annual Meeting
Washington, DC
October 20, 2014

Remarks by Secretary Robert A. McDonald Institute of medication Annual Meeting October 20, 2014

Thank-you, Victor. And thanks the chance to deal with today’s annual meeting. Victor and I have actually known both since he had been the Chancellor of Duke Medical program and I also had been the Chair of the Duke Business class Board of Advisors—so it is great to renew our partnership—this amount of time in the passions regarding the Institute of Medicine, VA, together with Americans we serve.

Distinguished people in the Institute of drug, ladies and gentlemen:

Good mid-day. It’s a privilege to join you.

As the Nation’s leading consultative body in medication and health care, you understand that Department of Veterans matters is within the midst of overcoming dilemmas involving access to healthcare. We own them, and we’re correcting all of them.

But I know in addition know that VA has a legacy of excellence, development, cutting-edge research, and accomplishments in healthcare distribution this is certainly as broad and typically considerable as it is profound—and frequently unrecognized.

There’s something different. Now, VA has actually before it possibly its biggest chance to improve maintain Veterans in its history.

Other individuals realize truth, and. Last July, Sloan Gibson—VA’s deputy assistant, my western aim classmate, and a buddy for pretty much 40 many years now—met with Harvey Fineberg, distinguished clinician, health care frontrunner, plus previous president. When Sloan commented that VA could achieve more within the next two-to-three years than we could have in two-to-three years, Dr. Fineberg instantly corrected him—“No!, ” he said, “VA can achieve things today it never ever might have accomplished!”

He’s correct: We’re in an extraordinary place. We have a way to not merely correct wrongs, but to reframe perceptions about VA by lengthening our lead in areas where we’ve constantly excelled, using the lead-in solution delivery places that are lagging, and charting brand new surface in appearing or developing areas of medical.

The difficulties we face tend to be really serious. The President, Congress, Veterans service companies, taxpayers, and VA’s rank and file all comprehend the need for instant reforms to attain three non-negotiable goals—goals we set for ourselves over 2 months ago on our “Road to Veterans Day.” This initiative outlines what we intend to accomplish by Veterans Day 2014. It begins with our mission and instant goal: to raised serve and look after those individuals who have “borne the fight” as well as their loved ones and survivors. From there, we created a few goals and actions that enable the division to go rapidly and decisively to:

  • Rebuild trust with Veterans and stakeholders.
  • Enhance service delivery, emphasizing Veteran outcomes.
  • And set a program for lasting excellence and reform.
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