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Pictures of Charleston West Virginia

May 30, 2016
Portrait by Finley Taylor

Vehicle associated with the nationwide Beverage business of Charleston, West VirginiaBlog post by Michael Ridderbusch, connect Curator, WVRHC.

The West Virginia and local background Center is continuing to digitize the negatives regarding the Gravely and Moore collection being boost their option of scientists. A highlighted Gravely and Moore photographs of a busy World War II period bus depot in Winston-Salem, new york. In this installment we show pictures recently “discovered” of businesses in Charleston, West Virginia.

Car associated with nationwide Beverage Company of Charleston, western Virginia.
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Shot in-may of 1935, this image papers the resumption for the legal trade of liquor in america following the passing of the Twenty-First Amendment, repealing prohibition, on December 5, 1933. Western Virginia ratified the Amendment on July 25, 1933. (A previous web log analyzes present analysis into prohibition in West Virginia.)

a legal cargo of alcohol by the National Beverage Company in-may of 1935, Charleston, West Virginia.
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Camp Drug Business, Approved Department, Charleston, Western Virginia, ca. 1930s.
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Terrace Restaurant, Charleston, Western Virginia, 1947.
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In 1947 the Terrace Restaurant got a recommendation from Duncan Hines, a pioneer of restaurant ratings. Their title later on became connected with a line of foods. Another photo of this restaurant reveals a poster in a dining area announcing the air program “Tea Time at Terrace” with Bob Provence of radio place WKNA.

Electronics restoration at Galperin Music Company, Charleston, West Virginia, March, 1947.
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The Galperin musical store promoted it self in old business directories as a source of “records, pianos, songs and music instruments, radios, radio-phonograph combinations, ” and “electrical refrigerators, etc.” One technology seen in this picture was regarding the verge of extinction as a center of home theatre — the radio. (a sizable Philco radio, as an example, is within proof within the reduced right for the photo.) It could be superseded by tv inside 1950s.

Hugh Stewart Motors, Charleston, Western Virginia, Summer 29, 1955.
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The western Virginia and local History Center will continue to digitize, protect, and work out available the photographs when you look at the Gravely and Moore collection for future researchers. Along the way, we look forward to uncovering extra material of historical price.

View of Charleston, West Virginia
View of Charleston, West Virginia
Erik Hastings tour of Charleston West, Virginia
Erik Hastings tour of Charleston West, Virginia
Charleston, West Virginia
Charleston, West Virginia
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