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September 17, 2016
FILE – In a July 20, 1994

Warrant in DebtOn March 17, 2014 I was supported a “Warrant in Debt”. As you will see when you look at the affixed image, I’m being sued for $5, 000 by Virginia State Police Trooper Melanie McKenney. Some people readers may recall that 2 yrs ago I was pulled over by Trooper Melanie McKenney during Memorial Day sunday whenever Virginia State Police had several of their particular Revenue Generating Officers on the interstates. I had explained it while the second most hostile traffic end I experienced ever before already been involved with. She violated my liberties and denied my straight to record the woman by saying my mobile phone could be a gun – though the information and video clips provided to me through the FOIA Request revealed that she understood it absolutely wasn’t a gun, in her own terms, “we don’t wish myself on just about any YouTube or whatever.” If you're uninformed for this event and would like to start to see the article and video clips of the incident click here.

Warrant indebtedSo nearly 2 yrs later VSP Trooper Melanie McKenney is suing me personally for “Defamation”. That’s all the details I have hence apparently she has offered the courts. Here is a statement from my lawyers Stephen Lewis and Danielle Lewis. As you’ll noticed it is directed to regional CBS 6 reporter Mark Holmberg who's already expressed inside tale.

After being stopped couple of years ago, I asked the general public if someone else had run-ins with Trooper McKenney and which kind of experiences that they had. A few individuals responded and said these people were in comparable situations where she was unprofessional and rude. If you’re reading this and YOU have been stopped by Trooper Melanie McKenney of this Virginia condition Police, please contact Virginia Cop Block!

I'm as confused about these allegations as anyone else. My suspicion is that she is upset that the woman Dashboard Camera video clip, with my cellular phone movies, did in-fact ensure it is for your requirements Tube and now have gathered above a Half a Million views. I will maintain the general public updated on this scenario.

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Virginia Mckenna - Founder and Trustee Born Free Foundation
Virginia Mckenna - Founder and Trustee Born Free Foundation
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Virginia Gardiner, Founder, Loowatt Ltd.
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Virginia Arrisueño, Founder, DeNada speaks at F*it
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