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August 8, 2014
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HistoryConnects - An Interactive Knowledge Knowledge

HistoryConnects programs tend to be interactive, primary-source centered historic explorations that highlight treasures of this Virginia Historical community's selections while strengthening both national and state standards of learning.

HistoryConnects programs are easy to set up and need minimal technology. All you have to is a basic computer, Internet access, a web camera, and a microphone connected to your pc. Through the use of green display screen technology, hd cameras, in addition to amazing collection from VHS, our learning online programs provide learners a distinctive and powerful experience they are sure to enjoy!

HistoryConnects is made possible by the Hugh V. White Jr. Outreach Knowledge Fund.

Each system features:

  • Major supply learning
  • Question-and-answer sessions with experts in the field
  • Guidelines that may be targeted to different amounts and criteria while reinforcing discovering in a distinctive and fun method

record Connects Our catalog of live, interactive programs covers every one of Virginia's history, from Pocahontas plus the Powhatan Indians through Virginia's role in American Revolution and also the Civil War on dramatic changes the Old Dominion practiced during twentieth century. Learn more about the storyline of Virginia plan Bundle which delivers the very best yearlong survey of Virginia record.

These thirty-minute programs will present your students to another main origin monthly. The origin are going to be aligned to both Virginia and national requirements and also will be combined with reproduction items to greatly help illuminate the meaning..

In 2013, the VHS became one of the first major content providers to deliver its full catalog all over the world using Skype; allowing schools and businesses without conventional videoconferencing gear to see live, interactive understanding, making use of fundamental net connection. The society has-been chosen as a global partner to join Skype into the class (SITC), an initiative made to bring a collaborative educational energy to pupils around the globe.

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