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Early Virginia Families

November 7, 2016
Claiming the Land

Essentially situated within head regarding the Severn River in Gloucester County, the manor-house at Warner Hall appears on a neck of land that's been occupied and built upon continuously from mid-17th century. Referred to as “Austin’s want” in 1642-land patent, the first six hundred-acre plantation web site was founded by Augustine Warner as a “land grant” from Brit Crown. Augustine Warner got the acreage in return for taking twelve settlers across the Atlantic Ocean on Jamestown payment, a colony desperately looking for manpower to endure inside New World.

The 2 people from the property with this very early period until well in to the nineteenth century, the Warners therefore the Lewises, had been extremely prominent people in Colonial Virginia. Through the years, Warner Hall Plantation thrived, as did the descendants of Augustine Warner. A few of the most recognized brands in United states history tend to be direct descendents of Augustine Warner – George Washington, initial president associated with the United States, Robert E. Lee, the essential popular Civil War General and Captain Meriwether Lewis, well known United states explorer for the Lewis & Clark expedition. George Washington had been a frequent visitor to his grandparent’s plantation.

Queen Elizabeth II, the existing monarch of England, is an immediate descendent of Augustine Warner through the Bowes-Lyon family members and the Earl of Strathmore. In England, Warner Hall is called “The residence of the Queen’s United states ancestors”.

Warner Hall can also be significant the part it played in crisis of Bacon’s rebellion, probably one of the most essential activities at the beginning of Virginia history. After leading a 1676 rebellion up against the Uk governor and burning Jamestown, Bacon retreated to Warner Hall Plantation. During the time, Augustine Warner II, who had been Speaker of your home of Burgesses and a part associated with King’s Council, was at residence and incredibly likely agitated that their plantation ended up being absorbed by opponents for the Crown.

Today, Warner Hall contains a Colonial Revival manor-house (circa 1900) that was reconstructed on earlier in the day 17th and 18th century foundation. Like past frameworks at Warner Hall, all of which indicated the prominence of these proprietors, the Colonial Revival core is a grand architectural motion. The initial 17th century western wing dependency (the plantation schoolroom and tutor’s quarters) has been entirely restored and offers an unusual glimpse in to the past. Historic outbuildings include 18th century stone stables, a dairy barn and smokehouse. The Warner-Lewis household graveyard, maintained because of the Association for Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, provides an extraordinary assortment of 17th and eighteenth century tombstones.

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