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Historic West Virginia

June 30, 2014

The Civil War provided birth to the condition. Trace the its history through the initial land battle in Phillipi, through secret backrooms in which the strategies were crafted, and out across the once-roaring battlefields. Stick to the tales for the spies whoever intel switched the tides, the troops which revolutionized battle into the heat of their chaos, therefore the leaders who worked the governmental front side when you look at the push for western Virginia statehood.


Our hardworking industries have long been the anchor regarding the nation’s energy, harboring wood, coal, oil and propane. Explore our rich mining heritage directly and drive a man automobile underground into an shaft. Or, uncover the relics of the coal boom, through the millionaire mansions of previous barons toward deteriorating, long-abandoned cities that have been left behind after the bustle. Trains, also, came moving to move the precious gasoline. Retrace the paths along repurposed railway trails, or hop aboard a still-running for a ride and an unusual glimpse at the state’s most remote views.

Crafting in WV


West Virginia history is actually unique. Secluded in not-quite-the-North and not-quite-the-South, our formative many years were spent divided from the globe by our rugged terrain. So we created our own lifestyle.

Here, we’re slow-paced to savor the tiny things. But while our folklife viewpoint can be “simplicity, ” our mountain tradition is really rather intricate. Quilts are not only crafts, they’re family members heirlooms and symbols of kinship. Our Appalachian recipes had been passed on from grandma’s grandmas on notecards. Antiques tell tales of mountain resourcefulness— though they don’t tell it and a true West Virginia storyteller, or a vintage people ballad.

This culture could be our own, but we love to share it. Take it all in at heritage galleries, proceed with the quilt trails in to the pastoral country side, or simply just stay for a spell together with your neighborhood pickers’ group.

TosTodayTravels- Historic West Virginia
TosTodayTravels- Historic West Virginia
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