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History of Augusta County Virginia

December 7, 2017
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Barcode figures 1050895, 1050898, 1050920, 1204934

Title Augusta County (Va.) Court Records, 1769-1837

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Collector Augusta County (Va.) Circuit Court.

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Augusta County (Va.) Court Public Records, 1769-1837. Town records collection, Augusta County Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

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Augusta County ended up being known as in honor of Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, spouse of Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, and mommy of George III. It absolutely was created from Orange County in 1738, but county government was not founded there until 1745.

The town of Staunton, in Augusta County, had been called, in accordance with custom, for Rebecca Staunton, partner of Sir William Gooch, lieutenant governor of Virginia from 1727 to 1749. Staunton had been outlined in 1748 on web site of Augusta County courthouse and was set up as a town in 1761. It was incorporated as a town in 1801 so that as a city in 1871.

In 1780, the Virginia General Assembly changed the Anglican vestries and churchwardens for the colonial duration with elected systems labeled as Overseers of bad. The overseers provided meals, garments, housing, and treatment for the individuals who had been too bad to guide by themselves or also ill to present with their basic requirements. The overseers overran the direction associated with poorhouses and workhouses built by the vestries and built brand-new poorhouses and workhouses in which they were needed. In 1844, the typical Assembly enacted legislation to produce bad farms supervised by boards of directors the upkeep and education regarding the poor. The panels purchased facilities and built buildings, appointed a superintendant for each bad farm, and elected doctor to wait the ill and teachers to educate the kids. The adults and teenagers were expected to work when they managed.

Augusta County (Va.) court public records, 1769-1837, contain documents organized into the local records a number of Overseer for the Poor reports, Bonds/Commissions/Oaths, Miscellaneous Records, taxation and Fiscal Records, and Wills.

Overseer associated with the bad registers, 1769-1837, make up the majority of this accession. They are loose papers documenting the task of the overseer of the bad in looking after the impoverished regarding the county. Documents the business of Staunton tend to be intermingled aided by the county papers and cannot be separated in a sensible manner. Information apt to be found in the reports includes repayments built to individuals for feeding, garments, offering medicine and medical practitioner treatment, and burial solutions for bad residents; oaths about the paternity of a bastard youngster in order to make sure the kid couldn't come to be chargeable to your county for the support; along with other financial things concerning taxes and costs directed into the overseer to aid its function. Periodically other papers concerning economic issues not related into Overseer for the bad are found within these papers.

Bonds/Commissions/Oaths is just one bond of Isaac Samuels as deputy sheriff of Shenandoah County dated 1803 July 11.

Miscellaneous Records consist of one individual page from Peter Elliott of Winchester, VA, to Vincent Tapp of Staunton, VA dated 1803 October 4.

Taxation and Fiscal files contain delinquent and insolvent income tax listings dated 1771-1833. The listings usually have information about where one has moved whether they have remaining the county along with other information regarding their particular finances and existing area.

Wills is just one will from Peggy Laywell of Staunton dated 1799 September 5.

Organized to the next series: Overseer for the bad reports, Bonds/Commissions/Oaths, Miscellaneous registers, Tax and Fiscal Records, Wills.

  • Corporate Names:

  • Augusta County (Va.). Circuit Court.
  • Staunton (Va.). Circuit Legal.
  • Subjects:

  • Illegitimacy - Virginia - Augusta County.
  • Illegitimacy - Virginia - Staunton.
  • Poor - Virginia - Augusta County.
  • Poor - Virginia - Staunton.
  • Public benefit - Virginia - Augusta County.
  • Public benefit - Virginia - Staunton.
  • Geographic Names:

  • Augusta County (Va.) - History.
  • Staunton (Va.) - Record.
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  • Bonds (appropriate records) - Virginia - Augusta County.
  • Letters (communication) - Virginia - Augusta County.
  • Municipality files - Virginia - Augusta County.
  • Municipality documents - Virginia - Staunton.
  • Taxation and fiscal files - Virginia - Augusta County.
  • Taxation records - Virginia - Augusta County.
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Augusta County, Virginia
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