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The Under-Appreciated Value Of Email For A Digital Business

November 17, 2017
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The Under-Appreciated Value Of Email For A Digital Business

There are many innovative technologies that are predicted to change the business landscape. No shortage of theories can be found about the ways that artificial intelligence, voice search and smart-wear might alter how customers interact with even the smallest of companies. In the midst of all this, we often forget that e-mail, often mistakenly considered to be old-fashioned by some, remains one of the most commonly used technologies.

Companies in the United Kingdom regularly overlook their usage of e-mail, choosing to focus on other tools such as social media instead. However, without an effective use of e-mail, you might be facilitating dissatisfied customers and affecting your brand identity. According to a new report, 93 percent of consumers have considered switching to a different business in the future because they have had a bad experience with a company via email. This branding agency in Liverpool says “Relationships are based on trust” and every business needs to guard its brand.

There are a number of ways in which this might occur. It could be due to an inadequate customer service interaction, or a lack of any e-mail interaction from the company whatsoever. One fifth of people said a company has disappointed them because it has not responded to their enquiry, comment or complaint quickly enough. Over 75% of customers begin to get annoyed at a company if they have taken longer than ten minutes to respond. This may cause a problem for e-commerce businesses that neglect their emails. However, it can be utterly disastrous from those that rely on enquiries. If you do not respond quickly, customers will go elsewhere especially for fast industries like claims e.g. pcp missold claims and legal where a quick response determines if you win the commission. 

However, one of the more common ways that customers become infuriated by their e-mail interaction with a company is when it comes to confirmations. Businesses need to ensure that people who purchase from them receive instantaneous alerts that their orders have been processed. Customers can become irritated within minutes if they do not have written confirmation that an order has been placed. This is particularly the case when it is a retailer or wholesaler from whom they have not purchased before. Customers may think you are unprofessional or untrustworthy if they do not receive updates about their order.

Communication is an essential way of building loyalty with customers when you are a digital business. Two companies in the financial industry that has perfected their communication with customer sourcing for car finance are check car finance in Leighton buzzard and Accept Car Finance in Cheshire. Although communication is evolving with the rise of instant messaging and social media, e-mail is still an invaluable tool for answering customer questions, building trust with consumers and responding to enquiries. It should not be neglected if you want to succeed online.

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