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Pictures of West Virginia

May 16, 2018
Pictures of West Virginia

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Jason Davis

Cheat River

it is easy to find striking western Virginia pictures extracted from the floor. But it's a lot more challenging to see the state through the ultimate vantage point, the Global universe. NASA's Johnson area Center handles the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, a repository of pretty pictures taken by astronauts aboard the space shuttle and International universe. The website features multiple search features, including a handy lookup feature where you are able to draw a box on Google Maps to establish photos from a certain region.

Sadly, outlying western Virginia doesn't be seemingly a typical astronaut target. (If you're an astronaut, I encourage that alter this!) My recurring quest locate low-sun, oblique, hill pictures constantly comes up dried out. While pictures when you look at the repository are cataloged with the place associated with the ISS (or shuttle) at the moment the image was taken, numerous never consist of accompanying picture center point coordinates. Put another way, it's not hard to find photographs that were taken as soon as the station ended up being over West Virginia, however these are not always images of West Virginia. Here's an example: we discovered a photo of Manhattan while searching for mountain vistas.

Cheat RiverNevertheless, I’ve was able to get a hold of a little range of western Virginia photos which are quite cool. Here are five of my favorites. Many of these have been color fixed with the limit device in Photoshop. Two of the include backlinks to annotated variations that demonstrate particular features I've been capable recognize using Bing Earth.

Here’s a broad shot to get started:

NASA / Expedition 30 team

Alleghenies therefore the Atlantic
The curving folds associated with Allegheny Mountains can be seen in foreground, because of the Atlantic Ocean inside background.

Alleghenies and the Atlanticlisted here is a nice low-sun photo showing Elkins, western Virginia. Before heading out to my pal's hill cabin, we regularly end here for groceries.

NASA / Expedition 11 team

Mountain gateway
The large mountain ridge southeast of Elkins, West Virginia functions as an all natural gateway to the Monongahela National woodland, a sizable swath of federally protected land.

Below are a few snow-capped mountains and low clouds:

NASA / Expedition 23 staff

Snowy ridges and peaks
Snow-covered ridges and peaks dot the folds regarding the Appalachian Mountains.

I discovered this after that picture in a series of photographs targeting Green Bank, western Virginia, home into planet's biggest totally steerable radio telescope. I couldn't discover the telescope when you look at the image set, but this picture contains Spruce Knob, the highest part of the state.

NASA / Expedition 6 crew

Spruce Knob
This picture includes Spruce Mountain, while the highest point in West Virginia, Spruce Knob.

And cover it up, here are some river valleys full of fog:

NASA / Expedition 2 team

Foggy river valleys
Fog fills river valleys in this picture absorbed the Appalachian Mountains.
Mountain portal Snowy ridges and peaks Spruce Knob Foggy lake valleys
Images of West Virginia - Landscape Photography by Van Slider
Images of West Virginia - Landscape Photography by Van Slider
Here’s a picture of a billboard in West Virginia
Here’s a picture of a billboard in West Virginia ...
West Virginia Pictures
West Virginia Pictures
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