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State of Virginia Population

April 12, 2019
The last stop of the King
Virginia is Located in the Southern Atlantic Region of this U.S.

The Virginia Medical Care Landscape

The low-cost Care Act (ACA) moved into full impact on January 1, 2014, ushering in medical health insurance reforms and brand new coverage of health choices in Virginia and nationwide. Even though Medicaid growth discussion remains underway into the condition, Virginia is experiencing modifications to its medical care delivery system. This fact sheet provides a synopsis associated with population health, health coverage, and health care distribution system in Virginia within the era of wellness reform.


Virginia has actually a growing and increasingly diverse populace. Virginia is regarded as eight says and DC located in the South Atlantic region for the U.S. (Figure 1). At almost 40, 000 square miles, it will be the 37th biggest condition. Virginia houses almost 8 million residents, rendering it the 12th most populous state inside U.S. In 2012, 65% of Virginians defined as White, which is similar to the U.S. average. However, Virginia features a greater percentage of Blacks (19per cent) versus U.S. general (12per cent) and a smaller percentage of Hispanics (7percent when compared with 17per cent nationwide)(Figure 2). This circulation of Virginia’s populace aligns using the age distribution associated with overall U.S. population.Figure 2: Virginia State Demographics, 2012 Between 2000 and 2010, Virginia’s populace enhanced 13.0per cent, when compared with 9.7% nationally, making Virginia the 17th fastest-growing condition in U.S. Population development in Virginia ended up being focused into the state’s major urban centers, including north Virginia (that will be considered a suburb of Washington, D.C.), Richmond, therefore the Hampton Roads location inside southeastern area of the condition. Meanwhile, most state’s rural counties in south and west have experienced a decrease inside their populations. (See Figure 11 in the Appendix for nonelderly populace by county.)

Hispanics will be the fastest-growing racial/ethnic group in Virginia, utilizing the populace increasing 92per cent between 2000 and 2010, followed closely by the Asian populace, which enhanced 70% during the same time period. Changes in the political dynamics of the state, like the outcomes of recent statewide and nationwide elections, tend to be attributed, to some extent, towards the changing demographics associated with the population within Virginia.

traits associated with Nonelderly Uninsured in Virginia, 2012Virginia features reduced jobless and greater family members earnings compared to the U.S. population overall. In March 2014, Virginia’s jobless price was 5%, which will be less than the national average (6.7%) while the twelfth most affordable unemployment price among the states. The 2012 median household earnings in Virginia had been nearly $62, 000, that was the 9th highest among the states. Nearly one in six (16per cent) individuals in Virginia were located in poverty in 2012, which was the twelfth lowest impoverishment rate among the list of states and really underneath the national average of 20% (Figure 3). Among says inside South Atlantic region, Virginia gets the third greatest median family income (behind MD and DC) while the second lowest poverty rate (behind MD). But impoverishment rates differ across areas of hawaii. For example, impoverishment prices are lower in the state’s north counties plus the western counties away from Richmond, than in the places of Richmond and Norfolk and rural counties of this south and southwest.

Virginia Medicaid Enrollment and expenses, SFY 2013
State Economy

Virginia is experiencing moderate economic growth. In 2012, Virginia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ended up being 5.9 billion, which makes it the tenth largest condition economy inside U.S. Like other states across the country, Virginia has actually experienced consecutive years of economic development. But from 2011 to 2012, Virginia’s real GDP increased by 1.1per cent, not as much as the national GDP (2.5percent). Agriculture, manufacturing, and mining tend to be significant companies in condition, as well as authorities and armed forces activities and tourism. Like many states in the united states, Virginia practiced budgetary challenges during present downturn in the economy, although, the state’s economy will continue to enhance. Virginia finished State Fiscal 12 months (SFY) 2013 with a $585 million budget excess, the state’s fourth annual budgetary surplus and its particular largest since 2005.

Population Health

The entire populace health in Virginia is comparable to the national average. In 2013, Virginia rated 26 one of the 50 says in overall health, according to the United Health Care Foundation’s Annual Report, America’s wellness Rankings. The stocks of grownups in Virginia who're obese or overweight, were clinically determined to have diabetes, or have symptoms of asthma act like shares nationwide, because are the demise prices as a result of heart disease and cancer., , , , grownups in Virginia were less likely than grownups nationally to report being in fair or illness or to have bad psychological health., Also, the percentage of grownups in Virginia that are cigarette smokers is equivalent to the nationwide average of 19percent.

Populace wellness differs across Virginia’s counties, using the state’s northern counties, those toward west of Richmond, and those inside western over the Blue Ridge Mountains, faring a lot better than the towns and cities of Richmond and Norfolk plus the outlying counties along the northern peninsula, south, and southwest.

Average State Medicaid Spending per Beneficiary, 2010 Figure 8: Budget Expenditures by Funding Source for Virginia, SFY 2013 Figure 9: Eligibility for Coverage Among Currently Uninsured Virginians, Since January 2014 Figure 10: almost 191,000 Poor Nonelderly Uninsured grownups in Virginia Are Currently into the ACA Coverage Gap
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