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April 7, 2019
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Capital Square Renovation Collection symbolThe Library of Virginia developed the Virginia online Archive to protect while making accessible, in perpetuity, the Web history of this Commonwealth of Virginia. This is basically the archive of Virginia local government, governmental workplace holders and prospects, and choose company the websites. For more information, see faqs (FAQ).

This collection preserves those sites that document the 2004-2007 remodelling associated with the Capitol building created by Thomas Jefferson in 1785, as well as the associated Capitol Square complex in Richmond, Virginia.

The net archive of this management of Governor Mark R. Warner (2002-2006) contains archived variations of Web sites when it comes to Governor's workplace, his initiative web sites, as well as the websites of his pantry secretaries. Additionally included would be the associated websites when it comes to very first Lady, along with the Lieutenant Governor as well as the lawyer General, two officials elected in identical period as Governor Warner.

Governor Mark R. Warner Administration online Archive symbolThe online archive of the management of Governor Robert F. McDonnell (2010-2014) includes archived variations of the websites when it comes to Governor's workplace, his initiative websites, the sites of his case secretaries, plus the Governor's YouTube channel. Also included are the related websites the First Lady (Maureen McDonnell), plus the Lt. Governor (Bill Bolling), and Attorney General (Ken Cuccinelli), two statewide officials elected in the same period as Governor McDonnell.

The internet archive associated with management of Governor Tim Kaine (2006—2010) includes archived variations of websites for Governor's workplace, his effort internet sites, additionally the web sites of their cabinet secretaries. In addition included will be the related sites when it comes to First Lady (Anne Holton), along with the Lt. Governor (Bill Bolling), and lawyer General (Bob McDonnell and William C.Governor Robert F. McDonnell Administration Web Archive icon Mims), two statewide officials elected in the same pattern as Governor Kaine.

In 2007, the Commonwealth of Virginia will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, the very first permanent English settlement in Americas. This collection documents the net presence of this commemoration across and beyond Virginia.

This collection catches Virginia Government internet sites related to the shooting at Virginia Tech on Monday, April 16, 2007. This collection includes sound excerpts from press seminars held on Tuesday, April 17, sound excerpts through the Convocation service held on Tuesday, April 17, and a video stream of the entire Convocation. Additionally included is a listing of the sufferers.

Governor Timothy Kaine Administration range iconIn addition to the papers of an individual, households, businesses, churches, also entities, the Private Papers section of the Library of Virginia additionally gathers products from Virginia organizations. Hoping to capture the online presence as well as the more traditional documents of the groups, the Library features begun the entire process of archiving those sites of businesses being already represented in our collection. These include personal, civic, service, social, and other groups that may be either entirely Virginia-based, or the Virginia branches of bigger businesses.

This collection preserves the websites of Virginia condition companies.

This collection is made to fully capture those sites of applicants the Virginia race for U.S. Senate 2006 November. Included would be the websites for George Allen (Republican celebration), Gail Parker (Independent Green celebration), and Jim Webb (Democratic Party). The web sites were crawled daily for the last three days of election.

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