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March 7, 2016
West Virginia State Museum

20110215statemuseum_0197_0201w_mediumOne the simplest way to learn about West Virginia should look at the State Museum, found in the heritage Center.

The lobby associated with museum is full of situations that provide a sample for the a lot more than 60, 000 items gathered by the western Virginia Division of heritage and background. On screen listed here is one of museum’s most widely used displays: Emmiline and Alexander, a set of dressed fleas which started their profession in a York flea circus within the belated 1800s.

Visitors then enter the very first area over the “show course.” This course takes site visitors through the state’s prehistoric age to contemporary times. The floor changes using the period, from rock to dust to stone and finally, highway. Footprints embedded into the floor differ from bare legs to shoes as well as horseshoes. Each time duration change is marked on the ground with a brass plaque. Overhead speakers tell the story of each period. Along the path tend to be areas that provide a feast when it comes to eyes and ears. In each area, there are brief movies that provide more information.

The initial room, the Coal woodland, is dark, with a roof of twinkling performers and shows of stones and fossils, and a big block of coal. Featured in this region is Elkinsia Polymorpha, a plant fossil present in Randolph County that is named the earliest seed-bearing plant in North America. Another instance features popular hoaxes in western Virginia history, like the Braxton County rune-stone.

After that the road leads around a flex of trees to rooms that emphasize the pioneer era. Among the list of items on display is a telescope utilized by George Washington to survey tracts of land into the Eastern Panhandle along with his very own land along the Kanawha and Ohio streams.

The path goes on towards Civil War period. Because will be anticipated of a state produced from the Civil War, these exhibits are considerable and lively. There clearly was one part devoted to John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry. Additionally there are battlefield murals and audio complete with cannon fire.

Across a minor form of the Philippi covered connection you will find shows that explore the statehood motion. The path then takes people to a business store after which through a really realistic coal my own filled with railroad track plus the sounds of dripping water. Showcases highlight West Virginia’s many sectors.

All across the road are wide ranging “discovery spaces” and “connections spaces” that provide opportunities to veer off the main road to see related shows.

These spaces contain several of the most interesting items, including a real settler’s cabin that was rebuilt inside museum. The spaces additionally function a whole library (wall space and all) from a home built in Clarksburg in 1880s, a 35-star flag flown within the cemetery at Gettysburg during Lincoln’s address, and a photograph display in regards to the building associated with the capitol. There is also a soda store that has been constructed, simply, from materials obtained from the Scott Brothers Drug Store in downtown Charleston.

The primary road takes visitors past a replica of Huntington’s Keith-Albee Theater (featuring chairs obtained from the theater) and through displays that concentrate on the numerous conflicts in which West Virginians have actually fought.

At this stage many site visitors could need some slack, so there is a lounge to sit and flake out next to big window. A bookcase provides reading material towards state. Over the room is another window with a view in to the museum’s collection room. Preservationists continuously move items inside screen so that more of the state’s holdings can be seen.

The last portion of the trail moves past a miniature brand new River Gorge Bridge to shows on West Virginia’s many fairs and festivals, after that ends in a circle. Like spokes on a bike, three exhibit rooms leading from the group feature artwork and sculpture, crafts, and folk music. The past end beyond the group is a quick film of spectacular western Virginia surroundings set to impressive music. After that an escalator leads site visitors to the key degree of the heritage Center.

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