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November 25, 2015

The Fairfax County workplace of Emergency control (OEM) provides emergency mitigation, preparedness, reaction and data recovery services into residents of Fairfax County.

Find out about OEM, including the county's Emergency Operations Arrange.

Be sure to browse the existing problem of the "crisis Preparedness" newsletter. Remain current on local, regional, state and national development about becoming ready for an urgent situation or tragedy.

The disaster information blog is the source when it comes to many up-to-date emergency preparedness information including life-safety news during times of crisis. Make sure you look at the web log - and join have the latest revisions via mail or RSS.

The Office of Emergency Management want to provide you with and your peers the tools to prepare for a crisis. If you, your homeowners or civic organization, or your company require a presentation about emergency readiness or any other emergency-related topics, contact OEM at 571-350-1000, TTY 711.

Pay attention every two weeks into newest edition regarding the Health and Safety podcast, featuring crisis preparedness development and information. In addition offered may be the Information to utilize podcast, The County discussion podcast and a podcast featuring shows of Board of Supervisors group meetings. Tune in on line, or on iTunes or the Stitcher app.

Fairfax County, led because of the Office of crisis control, has continued to develop a Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan (PDRP) supported by a division of Homeland Security Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grant. The county thanks a lot location companies, nonprofits and faith-based organizations that played part in this essential preparation effort. For questions in the PDRP project, call OEM at 571-350-1000, TTY 711.

The Northern Virginia Hazard Mitigation Arrange (PDF) is a useful tool for many neighborhood stakeholders by increasing general public understanding about local dangers and dangers, while in addition offering information about options and resources available to decrease those dangers. The plan notifies residents about prospective hazards to allow informed decision-making on where to stay, purchase home or find companies.

The Fairfax County Office of Emergency control suggests a simple four-step procedure for residents to get ready themselves, their particular communities and their particular organizations for normally occuring or man-made emergencies.

All residents should find out what direction to go in case there is an urgent situation. Including just how to make the needed safety measures to guard yourself, your household and property. Disaster can hit rapidly and suddenly, needing that evacuate town, or, in some cases, confine you to definitely your house. Planning in advance by learning what risks may influence your neighborhood and learning dealing with these hazards is an essential part of emergency preparedness. Prepare yourself!

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