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Famous Virginians

March 17, 2018
Famous Virginians Monument

Maggie Lena Walker and banker's interestExplore the development of civil-rights in America when you look at the 20th Century by researching some popular Virginians. Maggie Lena Walker had been the very first lady is president of a chartered bank in America. Harry F. Byrd Sr. opposed the post-World War II push for desegregation by crafting the South’s “Massive Resistance” method. When that failed, individuals of color particularly Arthur Ashe benefited! This funny, colorful visual novel will excite unwilling readers, prepare pupils for standard examinations ever which help homeschooling parents!

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Section 1: Virginian Inventions
Following the American Revolution, Virginia’s farming base begins to change. Tobacco agriculture is difficult on earth, causing many to take into consideration brand new techniques to grow crops or for new jobs doing. Thomas Jefferson and Cyrus McCormick invent much better farming tools. Lewis Temple helps other people farm the seas. Various other Virginians turn their imaginative problem-solving skills to many other places . . .

Maggie Lena Walker and banker's interestVirginians’ innovations includes the following topics:
Exactly what performed Thomas Jefferson create?
Just what performed Cyrus McCormick invent?
Just who made a significantly better whale harpoon?
Exactly what did Matthew Maury make?
Just who found yellow fever’s cause?

Part 2: Maggie Lena Walker
African-Americans have actually trouble employing their rights inside time between the Civil War and World War II. “Jim Crow” legislation make it tough in order for them to vote or combine with white people in public. Despite this, Richmond’s Maggie Lena Walker discovers ways to assist African-Americans make economic choices for on their own…

Maggie Lena Walker includes listed here topics:
In which performed Maggie Walker stay?
So what does a producer do?
Just what could a penny buy in 1902?

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