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Virginia in the American Revolution

May 1, 2017
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Virginia was the setting for many of this Revolution's essential battles.Virginia was the environment for some of this Revolution's most crucial battles. (picture: colonial village image by Andrew Kazmierski from )

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During the Revolutionary War, Virginia was the biggest & most populous of this 13 colonies, which makes it an important center for war activity. Although Gen. George Washington while the primary Continental Army couldn't campaign in Virginia through to the very end regarding the war, the Old Dominion saw fighting within its borders from extremely very first times of the Revolution.

Great Bridge

Battled near Chesapeake, Virginia, the Battle of Great Bridge is noteworthy for eliminating any staying Uk authority into the Virginia Colony. Lord Dunmore, the colony's Royal Governor, had fled from its then-capital of Williamsburg in mid-1775. Sooner or later setting up anything of a government-in-exile in Loyalist Norfolk, Dunmore come up with a 600-strong power of Brit soldiers, Loyalist militia and runaway slaves and started initially to install reprisals contrary to the rebellious Virginians. Col. William Woodford of second Virginia Regiment massed a force of 1, 000 Virginia, Maryland and vermont militia and volunteers responding. One of these brilliant guys had been a John Marshall, whom later on became the first Chief Justice associated with united states of america. Dunmore, unacquainted with the dimensions of Woodford's power, attacked all of them on Dec. 9, 1775. Woodford's males were behind fortifications and simply repulsed Dunmore's attack. The British retreated to Norfolk and finally left the colony altogether. Norfolk was bombarded and grabbed on Jan. 1, 1776. The present day neighborhood of good Bridge, Virginia, is located from the struggle web site. A two-day reenactment event is held there each year regarding the very first week-end of December.

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