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October 29, 2018
10209 Main Street

The Fairfax County stock of Historic Sites had been created in 1969. That same year, the Historical Landmarks Preservation Commission, which was functioning since 1965, ended up being rebranded the real history Commission. The annals Commission undertook six tasks, initial which had been: "plan publication when compatible with comprehensive historical, architectural and archaeological analysis, a classified study a number of websites, places and structures in Fairfax County."1 This review record became the Fairfax County stock of historical websites. Fairfax County hired Nan Netherton as historic study manager; Elizabeth David became the woman assistant. Mrs. Netherton left County use around 1980 to pay attention to other history-related projects. Mrs. David stayed from the Office of Comprehensive thinking staff as an Historic Preservation Officer until her pension in 1999. Among her other achievements, Mrs. David co-authored the Fairfax County history site control Arrange, which won a superb success Award from the Washington, DC Chapter of this American preparing Association.

The stock itself is, simply, a catalog of typically considerable web sites within Fairfax County. Currently, you will find more or less three hundred and forty internet sites regarding the Inventory. These sources are the internationally-known Mount Vernon to even more unknown churches, bridges, houses, burial grounds, and objects. Equally significant are twentieth-century websites like Holmes Run Acres and Hollin Hills. At least sixty among these web sites being demolished considering that the creation of the stock. Addition on the Inventory is an honorary designation, and will not impose constraints or restrictions as to what an owner may do along with his property. The Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan acknowledges these websites, and lists all of them by area in the Heritage sources sections. The program promotes their conservation when possible.

The lists of stock internet sites inside Comprehensive Arrange had been final updated in April 2013. Properties may have been added to the Inventory ever since then and tend to be consequently maybe not however included in the Comprehensive Arrange. Websites appearing on stock of Historic Websites Map being approved for detailing in county's Comprehensive Arrange because of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Properties can be included with the stock from time to time because of the background Commission, and newly detailed properties might not appear on this chart. For a complete directory of properties, start to see the .

Files containing info on listed properties tend to be recorded in thinking Division/DPZ file room. These files may be used by staff and by the public. Data feature summary data kinds including photographs and other material as offered. Properties might be included with the Inventory every once in awhile because of the Fairfax County History Commission. DPZ also preserves an extensive historical frameworks file containing information about other historical websites in Fairfax County that are not listed on the stock.


Anyone may nominate home for listing in Inventory. A brief history Commission calls for your owner be notified associated with the nomination. Nomination types can be purchased in Portable Document structure (PDF). Adobe Reader version 6.0 or higher is required to see or print these forms. The Nomination kinds have actually fill-in text cardboard boxes for your convenience. Changes built to these forms can be saved aided by the Adobe Reader., with accompanying paperwork, towards the target noted on the nomination type. The applicant must distribute either an or an employee reviews the program and submits it into the History Commission for a vote at a future meeting. A file for every single resource regarding the Inventory is held in the Fairfax County division of Planning and Zoning.

Research Recommendations

1Netherton, Ross and Netherton, Nan. The Preservation of Background in Fairfax County, Virginia. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2002, pg. 33.

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